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Anti-bullying program

Operation RespectTrainings for teachers/trainers “Operation Respect”

               Anti-bullying program Operation Respect has been implemented in Ukraine by All-Ukrainian Association for Youth Co-operation ‘Alternative-V’ since 2010. The “Don’t Laugh at Me” (DLAM) curriculum comprising music, performance, professional development and classroom activities, the mission of which is to promote safe, caring, respectful environments for children and youth wherever they are.


Since December 2010 ‘Alternative-V’ has been performing the following activities:

  • Training of Trainers on the annual basis (10-15 new trainers join every year Alternative-V’s Operation Respect family);
  • Trainings for educators (school teachers, school psychologists, social workers, social educators, staff at vocational and technical schools etc.) run by our trainers nation-wide.


The main core of ‘Don’t Laugh at me’ curriculum – is the teacher’s guide, which consists of 11 lessons and the musical material (song ‘Don’t Laugh at me’). It is meant that teachers, social workers after attending a training, are able to use this curriculum in their class rooms. Because it is only possible to maintain respectful, caring, bullying-free environment at schools if school youth are educated about this issue and taught to co-operate, to appreciate the differences on a regular basis. The curriculum ‘Don’t Laugh at me’ is a great instrument used by Ukrainian teachers nationwide.


During 2014 the team of Alternative-V’s trainers organized and ran 23 trainings teachers. Every training had 25 participants.In 2014 trainings for educators were held in the following regions: Vinnytska, Ivano-Frankivska, Kirovogradska, Lvivska, Mykolayivska, Poltavska, Ternopilska, Cherkaska, Kyiv.

In total during the year of 2014 with the help of Alternative-V more than 500teachers of the schools of all levels (primary, elementary, secondary) took part in the trainings on the use of the Methodological Teaching Guide ‘Don’t Laugt at me’, which they will be able to use in their class rooms.


Since July 2014 Operation Respect activities of Alternative-V have been implemented with the financial support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.


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