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Meeting of our volunteers in the Youth center of Volyn, 2019 – The experience of Alina

International voluntary camp Rokyni 2019
Summary by Alina Halai
I’ve been a volunteer for almost 2 years. During this time I have participated in many international projects. But It was the first time when I was a camp leader. Kind regards and gratitude to All-Ukrainian Association for youth co-operation Alternative-V and International non-governmental organization ‘Volyn Brotherhood’ for such a great opportunity and confidence in my work.
At the beginning of Summer, I participated in training for camp leaders in Germany. Therefore I knew how to conduct an international volunteer project. Moreover, I think my experience before and my soft skills helped me to be a good camp leader. But honestly, I think I was just lucky to have a great team of amusing, unique and sincere people. 6 countries, 11 participants and 2 coordinators are the best combinations for me.
2 weeks were like a moment. It seems to me I haven’t had such a saturated program in any international project before. This camp is like diving into my childhood. There were many excursions, workshop, festivals, and meetings.
This project is unique for me because it was the first time when I represented the culture of my country. It is always a huge responsibility for telling and giving the right message to foreigners about my country and its cultural heritage. Moreover, It is a challenge every time to break their stereotypes about Ukraine (trust me, there are a lot)
I would like to tell thanks to everybody who was part of this project. All of you made your best thus I can be proud to have been a camp leader of the best project compared with the previous two.
Thank my perfect «peach» Arda, to my darling Justyna Wójcik and your lessons in Polish, to Cihan Mert Bayam and your support, power bank and Turkish sweets, to super kind Pedro Garcia, to tinder and funny person Alberto Benito, to Rovshan Nasirli with your cucumbers and wise conversation in the last party and all Ukrainian team. Hope I was a good camp leader for you.
Thanks for a good time together.
See you soon guys!


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