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Volunteer Workcamps

Short Term International Youth Volunteer Projects

These projects are aimed at promoting active participation in the social life among young people, participation in the development of the local community and at promoting youth leadership in social, economic and political spheres. Work in the international teams helps to overcome cynicism, apathy and egocentrism.

P1030209Every year Alternative-V organises 15-20 workcamps on the territory of Ukraine, in which about 250 volunteers from all over the world take part. At the same time, about 250 young people from Ukraine annually participate in short term voluntary projects abroad. Organised on the basis of multilateral exchange, workcamps take place mainly in summer, although there is a certain amount of projects, which are carried out in spring, autumn and winter. The length of a workcamp can range between 2 and 4 weeks.

In the workcamp during the first half of day 10-20 volunteers are involved in a wide variety of community development tasks, which might include environmental, construction, renovation, social, cultural and archaeological work. Participants do not receive any payment for their work, but receive food and free accommodation. After the work volunteers can enjoy specially organised cultural program, seeing places of interest of a particular town or region, participate in study seminars, devoted to the theme of the workcamp, or just have fun together.

DSC00992Camp language is usually English with an additional language being used when working in certain places. During the workcamp volunteers share the organisation of work and domestic arrangements such as cooking and cleaning, they often have possibility to represent their traditional meals, while assessing the recipes of other nations.

Workcamps give young people an opportunity to travel to another country, to experience life and work inside an international group, to benefit from interaction both within the group and with local community, learning about different lifestyles and cultures and thus widening personal outlook, and, last but not least, to get new friends.

Workcamps allow people to become active world citizens, working for community projects. . We believe that, when groups of people from different countries are living and working together on a project, barriers between them will disappear and international understanding will have increased.

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