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We are looking for new ideas and partners in Ukraine

Alternative-V is looking for new ideas for volunteer projects for the summer of 2019:
Are you interested in organizing a two-week project in your city / town / village with the participation of an international volunteer group?
Does your community need the help of 10-15 volunteers from around the world?
Would you be interested in inviting the whole world to your city / town in the summer of 2019?

Contact us if you have an idea and we can help you implement it!

Each year All-Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation ‘Alternative-V’ in collaboration with local partners, coordinates international volunteer camps with volunteers from around the world.

Volunteer camps are held in different regions of Ukraine in the summer and early fall; Usually, the duration of the volunteer camp is 2 weeks.

The most important principles for organizing volunteer camps are:

– the work performed by volunteers should be relevant and important for the local community,

– the local community must be involved in the project,

– the results of work carried out by an international group of volunteers should be noticeable.

Usually, the language of communication at the volunteer camp is English (although the level of command of English by different participants can be different), sometimes with English or Ukrainian.

Volunteers work together on a project and share responsibilities for cooking and cleaning.

‘Alternative-V’ is looking for new partners and projects for the summer of 2019 under the following conditions:

Alternative-V provides the project to foreign volunteers and provides a trained volunteer camp leader;

-it is expected that the local partner will be able to offer free accommodation and / or meals for the international volunteer group for the entire project implementation period. It is advisable to place volunteers in a volunteer group. (Possible accommodation options: at a local school, boarding school, student hostel, etc.);

– it is expected that the local partner will be able to provide an international group of volunteers with work that is really important for the local community;

-it is expected that a local partner will be able to offer a specific cultural program or leisure options for an international volunteer group (payment for the cultural program is at the expense of camp participants and may be subsidized by Alternative-V).

You can contact us with project ideas until February 24, 2018

– by email:

by phone (044) 288 09 15, (067) 549 62 99, (093) 379 03 03


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