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International volunteer camps (workcamps)

two young volunteer girls in white T-shirts with the flag of Ukraine painted on their cheeksdepicted volunteers surrounded by children at a costume party

These projects are aimed at engaging young people in active social life, participating in the development of the local community and promoting youth leadership in the social, economic and political spheres.

The projects take place in the form of work and recreation camps. During 14-21 days,  participants provide socially valuable work for the local community (usually the first half of the day 4-5 hours per day) such as:

  • organization of free time for local children and teenagers

  • econstruction and restoration of architectural monuments

  • improvement of the territory and premises of children’s homes

  • preparation of festivals and educational campaigns on the topic of human rights, environmental protection and other current challenges faced in society

After work, participants get to know the cultural values, language and traditions of the country where this camp is taking place, as well as the countries from which the project participants came. Generally, the language of communication in workcamps is English, and local language can be used along with English.

Accommodation and meals are provided by the host organization. The conditions in the camps are different from the place of a volunteer`s residence, so we advise you to read carefully the description of the selected camp. Accommodation can be organized in tents, school premises, dormitory, etc. Meals are three times a day — usually volunteers prepare them in turns.

You can go to workcamps having the age 18 and older. In standard camps (not ESC), the age of the participant is traditionally unlimited. That is, if you are 30-60 years old and more, you can also take part in the workcamp.

Young people aged 15-17 can go to workcamps for teens in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and France (the largest number of camps). In camps for teenagers there is always an additional fee paid in euros. Depending on the camp and the host country, the additional fee can be from 200 to 400 euros, and sometimes up to 600 euros. This contribution is paid by transfer to the account of a partner organization or in cash upon arrival at the camp.

Sometimes there is a need to add a letter of motivation along with the completed questionnaire regarding the motivation in the selected workcamp.

If you want to participate in several camps, it is possible and agreed with the coordinators of «Alternative-V». We provide the necessary support to the participants of the volunteer camp (consulting, providing detailed information about the camp, if necessary, planning the trip route and assistance with buying tickets). 

Each participant of the camp should pay a registration fee (1500 hryvnias) to the account of the association, purchase tickets both ways and medical insurance that covers the costs of treatment abroad and the provision of medical assistance in the event of an accident. Transportation costs are not reimbursed! Each applicant will receive more detailed information about the camp and some travel tips approximately one month before the start of the camp. 

two young volunteer girls in white T-shirts with the flag of Ukraine painted on their cheeks

The administration fee (as a charity contribution) paid by the volunteers to the account of Alternative-V goes to the aims of support and development of the association, as well as to support the existence of the Program of International Volunteer Camps itself. 

In recent years, international volunteer camps of the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering Teams program (ESC VT) have become popular among the youth of Ukraine. Participants of these camps, in addition to free participation, accommodation, food, are provided with pocket money of 5-7 euros per day and reimbursement of travel expenses up to 275 or 360 euros, depending on the distance of the trip and actual travel expenses. The number of such camps is limited and there is a restriction on the age of the participant (18-30 years old).

If you have decided to go to an international volunteer camp, feel free to write on email address If you have decided to go to an international volunteer camp, feel free to write on email address

Two steps to participate in international volunteer camps

Step 1
Choosing a camp
  • check out the CAMP BASE 2024

  • for convenience in choosing a camp, select the country, period, type, specify your gender, age, and click the «PROCEED TO RESULT» button to view descriptions of camps you can join

  • choose at least three programs that match your skills and interests

Workcamps database 2024
Step 2
Filling out the form
  • fill out the online application in English, in which you indicate your personal and passport data

  • specify in the application the selected camps by priority.

  • make sure that all fields of the form are filled in correctly and click Validate at the bottom of the form

Online application

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