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About us

Наша команда

NGO All-Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation 'Alternative-V' is a non-political, non-profit organization founded on a voluntary basis in 1992.

NGO AUAYC'Alternative-V' was created with the aim of promoting cooperation between youth organizations, supporting and developing active citizenship among the Ukrainian youth.

Our association offers and invites young people (and not only) to join international programs in the field of education, sports, culture, protection of historical heritage and the environment, and assistance to socially vulnerable groups, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The activities of 'Alternative-V' are aimed at the development of a larger peaceful society and the reduction of social inequality.

The association acquired all-Ukrainian status in June 1999.

The main goal of our Association is to promote the development of young people by informing about opportunities and involvement in non-formal education and volunteering projects in Ukraine and at the international level.

The main areas of activity of 'Alternative-V' :

In Ukraine:

  • organization and holding of international volunteer workcamps (2-3 weeks)

  • organization of seminars, trainings, conferences, study visits and other local projects with involvement of youth, and as an info-partner of projects

  • coordination of international long-term volunteer projects (6-12 months) and hosting international volunteers

At the international level:

  • informing Ukrainian youth about workcamps (2-3 weeks), which are implemented by international partners abroad, selecting and sending participants from Ukraine to those projects (workcamps, ESC Volunteering Teams, ESC camps)

  • sending Ukrainian youth to the youth exchanges, trainings and seminars (Erasmus+ and other)

  • sending young people from Ukraine to participate in mid-term and long-term volunteer programs abroad (2-12 months, European Solidarity Corps and others)

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Alternative-V is:

  • member of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations —

  • member of CCIVS/UNESCO (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) —

  • member of National Youth Council of Ukraine-NYCU —

  • official partner of Service Civil International (SCI) —


years of coordinating international volunteer programs

Знайди себе у світі волонтерства!

Команда ВАМС «Альтернатива-В» звертається за підтримкою до кожного, хто бачить сенс у функціонуванні нашої організації. Ви можете допомогти ВАМС«Альтернатива-В» стати кращою! Зробіть свій внесок у розвиток волонтерства!

Реквізити для надання внесків:

Громадська організація Всеукраїнська асоціація молодіжного співробітництва «Альтернатива-В»

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Призначення платежу

Добровільний внесок на розвиток ГО ВАМС «Альтернатива-В»

Two steps to participate in international volunteer camps

Step 1
Choosing a camp
  • check out the CAMP BASE 2024

  • for convenience in choosing a camp, select the country, period, type, specify your gender, age, and click the «PROCEED TO RESULT» button to view descriptions of camps you can join

  • choose at least three programs that match your skills and interests

Workcamps database 2024
Step 2
Filling out the form
  • fill out the online application in English, in which you indicate your personal and passport data

  • specify in the application the selected camps by priority.

  • make sure that all fields of the form are filled in correctly and click Validate at the bottom of the form

Online application
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