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Long-term volunteering (LTV)

Our association has many years of experience in hosting foreign volunteers in Ukraine, as well as sending Ukrainian volunteers abroad in frames of long-term volunteering projects.

In frames of long-term volunteering projects we hosted first volunteers from Austria, United Kingdom and Finland in Ukraine already in 1999 and sent first Ukrainian volunteers to international long-term volunteering projects in 2001. 

The programs we are currently engaged with as a sending organization are: European Voluntary Service/European Solidarity Corps (EVS/ESC), Weltwärtz, FSJ, BFD.

Possible structure of the long-term project in frames of ESC program:

  • sending and hosting organizations in 2 or 3 countries;

  • from 1 to 4 volunteers on the project;

  • not more than 3 volunteers from one country in one hosting organization.

Who can take part?

Young people between 18 and 30 years old that did not participate in long-term individual volunteering projects in frames of European Voluntary Service or European Solidarity Corps (or took part in the project that  did not last more than 2 months). Previous participation in a short-term group volunteering project is not a limitation from participation in the long-term individual volunteering project. 

Long-term individual volunteering projects in frames of European Solidarity Corps (ESC) last from 3 to 12 months, in frames of Weltwärtz — 12 months.

Also we send the volunteers to short-term volunteering group projects in frames of ESC Volunteering Teams program.

Themes of the projects could be very different: projects in social institutions (kindergartens, schools, afterschool centers, homes for elderly people or for people with special needs), with focus on culture, history or archeology,  protection of the nature habitat or environment, administrative work (for example: in the office of the NGO or volunteering organization) etc.

In case you are interested in long-term volunteering projects or looking for a sending organization, please contact us at

In case you are looking for long-term opportunities, please visit our Facebook, Instagram or visit the official webpage of ESC.

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