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Trainings and Youth Exchanges

Trainings, youth exchanges and seminars are organized in frames of programme «Erasmus+» implemented  with support of the European commission. These programs were developed to involve young people in educational programmes with non-formal education and with the following topics: sport, culture, protection of cultural heritage, protection of the environment and supporting socially disadvantaged groups. Main task of these projects is raising awareness among participants on the mentioned topics, while also promoting an engaged civic attitude and cultivating youth leadership on both national and international scales across diverse social domains.

These projects can also be organized specially for the youth and social workers, teachers, facilitators etc.

These are some types of educational events that take place in the form of exchanging collective knowledge at the international level and are conducted outside the traditional education system. Experience shows that activities in informal and non-formal education are very informative and effective. This is enhanced by the correctly chosen topics that raise awareness of nowadays challenges and these events are led by experienced trainers and facilitators or specialists with extensive practical experience.

Trainings and youth exchanges are organized in a form of 2-14 days projects in the European, Balkan and Eastern Caucasus Region. All events are conducted in English. 

«Alternative-V» provides you a possibility to take part in these projects with regard to get the international experience, to find new communities and broaden the knowledge in frames of the topic of the event. This is the unique opportunity to gain cross-cultural communication experience and expand the knowledge base within the project’s theme, for further use and dissemination within one’s own sphere of activity and professional field.

Participation in these projects is free of charge. The coverage of transport costs (in stated limits depending on the distance of travel) is foreseen by frames of the project. However, there is a participation fee that can be wary depending on the project. This information could be found in the participants call or infosheet.

With regard to participating in training, seminar or youth exchange, please follow announcements in our social networks. In case you have any questions or would like to get more information, please contact us on email

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